Communication gap; a barrier to healthy relationship

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This article talks about the how lack of communication is becoming a barrier towards a healthier relationship

Communication gap; a barrier for a healthy relationship

The existence of a communication gap between any relationship has become a barrier to run a healthy relationship whether it’s between parents or children, siblings, or any other bond. The communication gap can turn into a violent phase in conclusion; ie children feel special when parents spend time with them. Most of the families who talk about their problems with each other have Greater chances of solving their disputes than families who stay silent. This is because family talk would make both parents and family aware of the wrong things they have done. As a result, the mistake they commit would serve as a lesson for both of them. Also talking would give both parties a chance to explain their side and with the help of this misunderstanding misinterpretations can be avoided. Another positive effect of flaking would be the development of trust among all. Hence we all should improve this gap and make our relationship healthier. We should talk about every activity and problems so that one gets a solution; lack of communication ruin stronger relationships.
This communication gap is commonly found in the bond of parents with their children, while the children are in teenage parents start behaving restrictive with their children with which continues to grow the communication gap, the individual starts keeping secret in their heart about anything they do, and later it becomes a problem for both the parties; also this is the age when an individual wants to find a person who understands him/ her the most and clears their confusions and befriend. The only person who can help them at this age is their parents ''the most trustworthy'', but parents start imposing restrictions on them and make their child feel lonely: hence a piece of friendly advice for all of you start building your bond with your parents in a friendly manner and make your bond more special.

“Communication gap between the person you care makes you feel like a black body; every thought keeps bouncing inside you, nothing comes out”
~Ajay Upadhyay