Effect of social media on teens life

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In this article you will get to know how social media effect teens life ?

Effect of social media on teen’: life

Social media is a big part of every teens life,research centre survey shows that 97% use of social media platform such as YouTube , snapchat , isntagram and many more.
Social media allow teens to create online identities , communicate with others and build social networks . They use social media for their fun , entertainment and self expression . It also allow them to interact across geographic barriers and teach them about variety of subjects including healthy barriers.
However social media use can also have negative aspects on teens distracting them, disrupting their sleep and exposing to yo bullying issues, rumor spreading ,unrealistic view of other people’s life and peer pressure. Experts suggest that teens who post content on social media are at risk of share intimate photos or highly personal stories which often result teen being blackmailed .

We should protect our teen groups from social media to encourage responsible use of social media and limit some of its negative effects . We should promote the healthy use of social media to them by making them watch some inspirational videos so that their inner energy can boost up to do something .here are some tips to make you’re child safe from negative use of social media .
1.Have a conversation about social media safety. Communicating with your child is important. You want your child to feel comfortable talking to you about social media and their experiences on it, along with feeling like they can come to you if they has a problem. Open the lines of communication so your child will feel comfortable coming to you about any problems.

2.Set rules for your child. Talk to your child about what rules you have concerning social media. These rules can include anything you are concerned about.
Examples include:
• Not allowing your child to post about where they are.
• Not allowing your child to post any personal details.
• Limiting the amount or kinds of photos your child posts.
• Setting an amount of time your child can spend on social media.

3. Discuss the repercussions of social media. You don't just need to worry about predators finding your child. You need to discuss with your child how to keep themselves safe from themselves. Posting embarrassing, questionable, or inappropriate pictures can cause potential colleges and employers to reject them. Posting status updates that are rude, offensive, or questionable can also come back to haunt them later.

“Don’t use Social media to impress people ;
Use it to impact people”