Alice in Anxiety land

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This article is about the major problem which evryone face that is “ANXIETY”
Where it is told that what anxiety is and what are the ways to deal with it! ?

Alice in anxiety land!

Let’s start with discussing about anxiety !
~a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.
Anxiety is being evryone’s freind or enemy ; That depends on a person how he /she deals with anxiety!
When feeling anxious a person may face with negative or disturbing thoughts

Alice is also in the same situation let’s help her to cope up with her anxiety problem .
I can suggest her 4 tips :-

1.stop and breathe
Anxiety is generally experienced as worrying about future or past event for example you’re feeling something is going to happen bad and because of that thought you become upset, a big part of the problem is that you’re not aware of the present moments .( Anxiety loses its hold when you clear you’re mind and bring you’re consciousness to the present moment)

Breathing exercises are powerful relaxation techniques that can help ease your body and mind of anxiety while turning your attention towards the present.

2.Figure out what’s bothering you!
In order to get out from the bottom of anxiety you need to understand what’s bothering you? For that put some time aside to explore you’re inner thoughts and feelings.
In my Opinion writing a journal or dairy can be a great way to get in touch with you’re inner feelings . And it may get you realise the source of that anxiety. Make it a habit to regulary uncover and express your feeling in the form of journal.

3. Focus On What You Can Change
Life can be unpredictable and no matter how hard you try, you can’t always control what happens.some of the time fearing of things that haven’t happened may never occur is also the reason of anxiety .
“What is going to happen “ rather than thinking this thought you should go with more good idea of turning you’re anxiety into a source of strength , replace you’re fear by changing your attitude about them for example stop fearing to lose your job and instead focus on how grateful you are to have a job. Come to work determined to do your best. Instead of fearing your loved one's safety, spend time with them; With a little practice, you can learn to dump your anxiety and pick up a more positive outlook.

4. Focus on Something Less Anxiety-Provoking

At times it may be most helpful to simply switch your self to focus on something rather than you’re anxiety.

You may want to reach out to others, do some work around your home, or engage you’re self in enjoyable activity or hobby. Here are a few ideas of things you can do to prevent off anxiety:
• Do some chores or organizing around the house.
• Engage in a creative activity, such as drawing, painting, or writing.
• Go for a walk or engage in some other form of physical exercise
• Listen to music.
• Pray or mediate
• Read a good book or watch a funny movie.
• Talk to freinds.
Here we conclude with our tips we gave to Alice hope this would really help Alice and others too! ✨
“Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today if it’s strengths”