Goodbye 2020

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How has 2020 changed you and what did you learn from it!

It was 2020 which held onto the fastest gears of transitions and went past like anything,too wonderful to behold for its unique eccentricity. New beginnings to non-ending episodes of trials and  affairs.It was you,who made us pull all-nighters and sang lullabies to us the next dusk to makeup.

You made us fetch for food we disliked all our life and now we scran that very morsel no less than a monster.You made us realize what and how disgusting of a kind,household chores are,because of being a constant volunteer of such events on accounts of terror spread by our mom’s menacing eyes.It made us forcefully concur to the fact that it was not lack of time but motivation which kept us and our books poles apart on experiencing this in lockdowns too.We conferred to the ideologies that elders are always right no matter how much of a degree the points put forward by you,scored right,the debate is bound to align to your elders thought processes,they winning anyhow and you confronting predicaments.

Also many of us held ourselves to the lifestyle with less number of clothes because of the fact that we were completely clueless while coming back from our  hostels,never thought it is going to be a 10 months or more ,sort of a vacation rather than that of a 2 weeks ,which compelled us to leave our belongings to the very place or hostel we were living before lockdown,thus spending whole of these months looking no less than monkeys and kangaroos in the dresses we rejected to take with us to our hostels or pg’s.Also we envisioned some illiterate people adhering to the rules of lockdown,facing thousands of difficulties complying by it, wherein literate big personalities normalizing going out without masks, do believing over chants and stuff to get over the virus to whom you could not help but curse and mock.

From intriguing us to make dalgona coffee to afghani breads and a lot more,u have been a roller coaster for us .Some days we would be crying out loud and on others,we would  peacefully bask in the sun scrolling through memes and laughing like there’s no tomorrow.You made us  discover  that being yourself and with just yourself ,can be painful yet peaceful too,expecting less out of people and just grooming oneself.

Its an irony that a constant thought of graduating online haunts us,after enjoying every bit of online classes where we slept our heart out muting the class meets and jumping to a good excuse to exempt ourselves from other household tasks too.

At last you realize the importance of some people in your life and your constant feelings towards them,regardless of being miles apart, it being fresh and soothing.You lost some relations too after realizing they or you yourself do not  want them in their lives,it had to happen any day so be it today.We also bathe in thoughts that there is a superpower which is above us all,he has different plans which may or may not adhere to ours,he has hold over every move of ours ,he can play with it upside down and we cannot just plan things,it do be accordance to  his plans and foreseeings which is indeed going to manifest better than ours.