Importance of language proficiency

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Communication is about more than just the spoken and written word - it’s about appreciating other cultures and, in the corporate world, about understanding different ways of conducting business

Language does not build up character,it reveals it.Communication has become a vivacious fragment in our lives.The only language used by the people all over the world is ‘english’ common to 300 million people across the globe.It not only connects the people and diminishes the gap between rich and poor but also its about being rational and full of integrity.

The corporate world anticipates the students to work in a workplace having imparted with good soft as well as managerial skills.The students having the subject knowledge should not lack delivering their knowledge via soft skills which include language competency,personality traits,optimism,social graces and so on.It also includes problem solving skills,communication grants and team work without a second thought.

Also,language is used as a weapon in empowering students for social mobilities and economic developments.In this new age of globalization,grabbing onto the language of English is a formitive demand for gaining social prestige and getting good jobs,also for putting in the best in all sorts of debates and for raising cultural,domestic or international issues.English is by default the most common language which connects people across the globe,they being able to understand the concepts and messages in the most efficient ways and acting accordingly.

English is the warehouse of political and communal acquaintances.It gears up a person towards all economic needs common to almost every field,be it business,education,travel,jobs,etc being no different from modern technology,media and money power.

The person with good soft skills are provided with many employment opportunities.Thus english skills are needed for establishing entrepreneurship programs too.It indirectly implies that the speech dialects are very much needed and related to the employment skills.Also for developing friendly relations with our colleagues and nourishing our knowledge in writing letters,reports and e-mails in particular,mastering it is a must.Lack of linguistic proficiency,poor communication and personality skills may disguise in the face of a pit and young graduates may unwillingly fall into it.

Now a days we are witnessing final year students struggling with their interviews and group discussion drives in lieu of the hefty knowledge of the subject they hold onto,reason being the one and only language inproficiency whereas soft skills prove to be one of the availing reasons behind a successful career.