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As we define ‘Resilience” the capacity of individual, communities, institutions, businesses, and system to survive, adapt and improve conditions no matter what kinds of chronic, stresses and acute shocks they experience.

  • As we define ‘Resilience” the capacity of individual, communities, institutions, businesses, and system to survive, adapt and improve conditions no matter what kinds of chronic, stresses and acute shocks they experience.

Resilience is a quality that is a combination of several things- a positive attitude, the ability to discriminate between right and wrong, the strength to do what is difficult without giving in to impulses, and the ability to believe in yourself and your abilities.

If we talk about resilience and happiness so both bear a very strong relationship with each other, if we work on building resilience happiness itself will come in the way and as life grows increasingly complex happiness seems to grow more and more elusive. There is no guarantee that you will not face setbacks in life, but how you choose to deal with them is definitely in your control. A person who lives by this mantra, one who bounces back from the blow of life with spirit intact, is said to posses that rarest of qualities-resilience.

We should in fact keep the quality of resilience well function in our day to day life, we should have quality of putting disappointment in our perspective. For example: when we read number of people seeking escape from life realities through drink, drugs, alcohol and even suicide, one fact is painfully clear- they lack the ability to see things with right perspective.

Agreed you may have flunk with exam, but does have to mean you are failure? Perhaps you are not able to keep a steady relationship, but does that mean you can never be happy? So failing to do well in studies, a debilitating illness, or losing a loved ones- all of these are part and parcel of life and if you do not want these to turn you into a nervous wreck, it is vital you put such disappointments in perspective.

If taking the example of Resilience from Industry point of view so there is Good example from company Space X during the launch Falcon 1, Gwynne Shotwell the president and chief operating officer says it’s actually been the times she’s failed that have taught her the most. She said “you don’t learn a lot from success, but you learn a lot from your failures, The falcon 1 eventually became the first privately developed liquid fuel rocket to orbit the Earth after its first successful launch in September 2008, but Space X initially had to struggle through attempts over 2 and half year before it could celebrate that accomplishment.

The second example of resilience we can take from armed forces of 2013 Uttarakhand flood incident, The Indian Armed forces has put use some of the best military skill sets to evacuated over 1000 stranded pilgrims in the mountain folds around jungle chatti in Kedar Valley after facing lots of problem due to bad situations, initial lack of communication and chopper but they didn’t gave up they faced the situations and make the rescue operation successful.   

So, it is so clear that if if develop such skills such thought which bring resilience than we can be happy and hopeful in tougher or toughest situation of life and from my point view I believed that every person has a bit of resilience in them difference is just someone bring it out and change their perspective towards thing while some other suppressed it inside and don’t let it come out, because if anyone will in the world without resilience their survival in the world will not possible. Bringing out resilience from ourself is sometime difficult but not impossible and I think in tough situation only we can help ourself from coming out from tough situation and for that the resilience play a very important role.

Here we are going to discuss some of the tips which are helpful in building resilience and helpful in bringing happiness in our life: 

Strong belief and perspective

Think back to past events that, at that time, had seemed like insurmountable problems. Recollect how bad things seemed and yet, how they ultimately changed for the better. Look for positives you can take from such incidents – how you learned something new, or how it was all for good in the long run. Tell yourself that the present situation is a similar one, and think of how, in the future, you will be wondering why you felt so seriously down over such a trivial issue.

Connect with those people who have all qualities that make person Resilient

Find someone in your social circle whom you admire for their resilience in the face of trouble. It could be a parent who struggled to raise you alone, or it could be a sibling who overcame his or her limitations, or a teacher who faced professional difficulties without batting an eyelid, or a friend who made a success out of a failed marriage – just look around yourself with a discriminating eye and you will find multiple examples of people who show resilience. Connect with such people and get their support – especially when you are feeling low. Avoid contact with people who encourage you to feel self-pity because this will only bog you down even more.

Always looking those who have less than you and be grateful of God

One of the best ways to put your life in perspective is to open your eyes and see the troubles other people face. Visit an orphanage or an old age home and see how people cope with not having their close ones; visit a centre for the differently-abled and see how they strive to make their way through life. Do not stop with mentally appreciating their spirit; strive to do something to contribute to them. Find something that gives you a sense of purpose – volunteer for work in your community or join a group that does something for the deprived people in society.

Selfcare is very important

Resilience has a lot to do with how good you feel about yourself and about life in general; in turn, this is influenced by your state of physical and mental health. Make time for regular exercise – the endorphins released during exercise will help to boost your mood. Practice deep breathing, meditation, or yoga to keep your mind free of stress. Pursue a hobby and participate in activities that give you joy and help you relax. If you find yourself unable to cope with stressful events in your life, ask for help. Sometimes, confiding in a close family member or a friend can help you feel better; if this too does not seem to help, it makes sense to seek guidance from a mental health counselor.

Being resilient is not easy – it takes a lot of effort and of course, time. An important point to remember is that people who are resilient are not those who have absolutely no stress in their life; it’s just that they have learned the art of coping with it and bouncing back from the setbacks they face. Ignoring a problem in the hope it will go away is not the solution; facing up to it squarely, taking time to deal with it, and recovering your poise is what constitutes resilience and this is often the factor that distinguishes the true winners from the also-rans.

None of us can order our life to make sure there are no shocks – all we can do is ensure we have the right shock absorbers in place so that we suffer minimal damage, and bounce back quickly, looking to the future with hope and optimism.

Always motivate yourself by watching Motivational Quotes, Songs and Mantras...

If you want to feel energetic about life again, you need to build yourself a simple motivation system. Try to explore new thing which motivates you, go to motivational seminar, watch you tube, try to create your own quotes and follow them such thing will definitely help you bringing resilience and happiness.

So, in conclusion I want to add “ No matter how long the storm lasts, the sun always shines behind the clouds”, like whatever problems, hardship and sadness comes into one’s life, ultimately the happiness will come and remain fo long time, so we should have patience and resilience to deal such hardship and hopeful because up and downs are the part of the life one should keep faith in God and never be disappointed with the life, we all feel bad with the bad thins and situation but we should need to change perspective and instead of finding negativity hoping for the positiveness in our life.

Author:  Sumbul Reza