For Granted

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This poem is written by Zeeshan Ahmad.

For time it seemed,
As the roaring technology beamed,
We had everything in our palms,
So many treasures and realms.

We took them for granted;
Exploited things we never wanted.

It seemed we have conquered-
The lands, the seas, even the sky.
After all, we sat feet on the moon,
Shone out lights on Mars,
Took pictures of galaxies,
It seemed we have conquered all.

We took them for granted;
Exploited things we never wanted.

We built roads among mountains,
Bridges under water,
Paved ways in the sky,
Heck we dreamt of living on the moon!
And we almost did,
Till we’re smacked back to senses.

Because we took them for granted;
Exploited things we never wanted.

Greed, want or lust-
Always had the best of us, right?
We injected chickens,
To fill KFC buckets.
We acted like muppets,
As we debased animal breeds.
These unnatural seeds,
To suit our greed.
Cause’ we always wanted more,
More, so much more.
That nothing ever was more enough.

But if you ask me,
Why did we
Take things for granted,
I’d point you to a process
That us humans always profess.

We built steam engine,
That brought us closer.
We made earthquake proof shelter,
That made us feel safer.
We invented vaccine,
That made us feel immune.
Because we let men among us die,
As the bodies piled,
We made forts on the bodies.
We gave guns ‘the new ones’,
As their corpses piled,
We made civilization on the bodies.

As time passed,
Bodies mounted one another.
And no one seem to ever question
Why did so many had to die?
How many more are to die?
How long will men die?
So you can continue your trade.
Exchange billions, millions, trillions,
Over dead bodies of gazillions.

Civilizations are built on greed-
On bodies of young men,
On sweat and labor of poor,
On tables with pen and paper-
Where peace treaties are signed.
So that another million men
Can save themselves
From being cold stones,
For the civilizations built on greed.