Top 5 Problems you face while installing an air conditioner 2020

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Top 5 common issues that hinder the perfect installation of your air conditioner

Living in a place with an average high temperature of forty degree centigrade I suppose it makes it a must to get an air conditioner installed if you can afford one.and in this season of scorching heat, a lot many of you must have bought new air conditioners but buying a thing is the easy part, getting it installed its the tough one.

On an average there are about 6 common installation issues that people seem to face and that is exactly what we would be talking about in this article. 



  • Installation and service


The number one problem that people face while getting their air conditioned installed is finding the right installation and service company.

While many companies that sell air conditioners and related appliances do provide their own installation and service free of cost like LG, Daikin, Lloyd etc, there are many companies and third party sellers that would not provide you their own installation and service, and you would have to go out and find your own installation company to do the job. While many do it professionally, others might as well damage your appliance while doing an untidy installation.

But these days, there are more reliable common small gig workers available on platforms like urban clap etc, to help you with your installation.



  • Not proper importance to air circulation 


The second most common problem faced while installing an air conditioner is the lack of air circulation for the external unit, when the unit is placed too close to the wall and the fan or the duct is not able to properly ventilate the hot air, in order for the cooling system to function well and to remove the excess coolant through the pipe efficiently.

For the same reason it is extremely important that sufficient space is left on either side of the external unit.



  • Improper distribution of weight.


Another factor that people fail to judge sometimes is the uneven weight distribution for the appliance which is predominantly a reason for various in-home accidents due to the falling over of the appliance .this is majorly in the case of window a/c’s, when a greater part of the air conditioner is either on the inside of the window or the outside of the window, instead of equal amounts of distance on both sides.This in turn leads to the toppling over of the a/c.


  • The hassle of duct pipe’s length.


When you have gotten everything from the external unit to the internal unit installed properly, and fail to give consideration to the length of the pipe and how it should be concealed , you realise the grave mistake you have committed. 

One of the problems I personally faced was this.The mistake of not judging the length of the refrigerant pipe means that you would not be able to connect the two, internal and external units properly which would need you to shift the position of either of the two units, that eventually is going to add to you cost of drilling and installing over again.

Not just that it may come short, at times people install the two units much too close that they have to get it shortened.


And after installing the pipe there is the issue of concealing the ugly pipes so that your house may look professional and clean.


  • Lack of drip pan and water collection process.


When you have everything else in place and then choose to switch on the air conditioner to enjoy its cool air in this heat so that you may stop sweating, you find out that the air conditioner is dripping and water is spread all over your floor right under the air conditioner. This is due to the lack of a proper system of water (a/c coolant ) that needs to be taken via a pipe, outside your house and collected in a drip pan that takes the water to the water drain.

But due to the lack of this system, the water gets accumulated inside the pipe and instead drips inside the house, from the air conditioner, leaving your place in mess.

So it needs to be made sure that the drip pan is properly installed and water isn’t dripping from the appliance.


Those are the most common problems faced while installing an air conditioner,

So it is really important that you find out about the trustability and job success of your air conditioner installation agency or company.