Me | My Shadow

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Me | My Shadow - is a part of my idiosyncratic journal.

In the wake of your own shadow or following your own path is not a delusion but a verisimilitude. It gives you the prerogative to be introspective, you’ll learn to trust your instincts, to envisage your insight, to feel your own emotions, and no need for other’s validation.

We all are stuck in a quagmire filled with unnecessary clutters that take a huge space in our lives. One way to find peace within yourself is by removing those clutters which we often refer to as distractions, excess possessions, social media, peers, futile accoutrements so that you can limelight those things that matter most.

Being your own shadow removes the concept of being perfect because no one in this imperfect world is perfect and there are a handful of unattainable things, so for you to be trying to achieve perfectionism is a waste of your time. It removes the fear of being judged by others and gives you the courage to care less about what you can’t control and more about the things you can. You are no longer indentured to say yes to anything or almost everything others say or command. When you’re alone, away from all the distractions, you can save yourself from the spotlight effect as it gives you a precious moment to revitalize your mind and a chance to focus, and think more clearly about things that matter more on your quality rather than thinking about the people and their opinions which might be thrown at your face.

Over the decade many philosophers, scholars, spiritual leaders have praised the benefits of solitude. But one can’t run away from the darkness of solitude as well. Spending too much time alone can lead you to the doors of depression and the thought of being unloved or unlikeable can strike your mind. Doing something productive in your loneliness is fine to some extent, but the moment you crosses its limit you’ll become more vulnerable to your inner critics which will keep on telling you that something is wrong within you and you don’t belong around other people because you’re not like them and that’s your fault.

So you need to understand the dissemblance between enjoying being alone, doing productive work, being creative, introspective, etc and having a complete cut-off from everything and being self-critical or feeling lonely, depleted, etc.


Junaid Ansari